Don't Overlook These Important Details When Choosing a New Caravan

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A new caravan purchase can be a good choice for anyone who loves to holiday in the great outdoors, and especially for those who have a favourite caravan park they often visit. Your own caravan can mean not having to wait for a rental caravan to be available, while also having all the features and accessories in a caravan that fit your camping needs. Note a few important details to remember when you're ready to start shopping for a new caravan.

Where it will be stored

If you can't store the caravan at your favourite park, check the cost of a self-storage unit. Be sure you note all details regarding the different sizes of units, including the overhead clearance and space needed for the caravan hitch. Since most self-storage units are priced by size, you don't want to overlook any of these details when consider the cost of storage for your new caravan!

If you don't want to store your caravan in a self-storage unit, it's good to actually measure the space of your property. Note the clearance of your carport and the width of your property's gate, as well as how much clearance you would need to get the caravan into your property's driveway. If any of that space is limited, you may need to downsize your chosen caravan.

Luxury features

If you want to be very comfortable in your caravan, you'll want to indulge in some luxury features, such as a queen size bed with a real innerspring mattress, ceramic or porcelain bathroom fixtures, and stone benchtops. You may also want a satellite dish, large television, and built-in stereo system.

However, don't make the mistake of falling in love with all those luxury features if you actually spend little time in the caravan when on holiday. It's good to save money by choosing standard features that are just comfortable and not luxurious, if you won't be making full use of them every time you take the caravan out.

Clearance inside

If someone in your family is very tall, you'll want to ensure the interior space has an elevated ceiling and that the roof vent won't get in his or her way. If you travel with family or a group, you'll want a wider floor plan with more room for everyone to walk around. Be sure you choose a floor plan that fits you and all those you regularly travel with, so the caravan is comfortable and functional for everyone.