Three Great Buys From Your Local Surplus Store

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If you're looking for a range of durable, kids-proof clothing and equipment without a hefty price tag, a local army disposal may be a surprising yet ideal solution. Check out these three mum-friendly buys from army disposal and military surplus suppliers.

Put a jumper on that child!

Good quality winter clothing for children can cost a fortune, particularly if you're looking for snowsuits, thermals or storm jackets. Purchasing army disposal clothing for kids is a cost-effective was of getting the outerwear and thermal underwear your child needs to be comfortable this winter. If your child is fashion-conscious, they will be pleased to find that most kids clothing stocked by army disposal stores are available in a range of fashionable colours and patterns. While you're there, pick up some gloves, warm beanies and even a water bottle for school. For the ultra-frugal parent, consider shopping for more expensive clothing items at the end of the season — now is the ideal time to stock up on thermals and warm winter accessories so you're prepared when the next bout of cold weather hits!

Pack your bags

Bags of all types can be expensive — nappy bags and kids school bags in particular can be exorbitant in price while often lacking in quality. Backpacks and bags found at a surplus store are ideally suited to the rough-and-tumble family lifestyle without costing a small fortune. Most nappy bags are heavy shoulder bags, which can be a pain to lug around as well as an ergonomic nightmare. A more practical solution for toting around your young child's necessities is a quality backpack made for comfortable hiking adventures. You'll have both hands free for baby-wrangling, while looking after your spine in the process. Chat with a store employee for assistance in selecting the best backpack for your needs.

Put your best foot forward

Parenting young children can take its toll physically, and if you're on your feet all day, it's important to have suitable footwear. Army disposal stores are an excellent source for well-made footwear in a variety of fashionable styles at a family-friendly price. A quality pair of hiking boots can set you back hundreds of dollars from a adventure wear retailer, while an army surplus store may have a range of similar boots and sandals for a lower price.

For advice and product recommendations ideal for your family lifestyle, contact your local army disposal supplier.