Top Tips When Choosing a Deluxe Holiday Cabin

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Deluxe holiday cabins are the best accommodation option for people going on a camping expedition. Unlike tents, they are warm and spacious and have a variety of extras such as heaters to keep you warm at night. In this excerpt, you will learn the various considerations you should make when choosing a holiday cabin. 


The whole idea behind a camping expedition is to enjoy nature. Therefore, the holiday cabin should be located in a serene environment away from human disturbances. Look for cabins located close to water bodies and hiking trails. In such a way, you can engage in a variety of outdoor activities such as water rafting, sport fishing, kayaking, hiking and hunting during your stay. The cabin should be easy to access from the main road. If it is located deep in the forest, you may need a dirt bike or ATV to access the facility. 

Reviews and photos

Check for online reviews on the deluxe holiday cabin. The cabin you choose must have recent positive reviews. Some business use internet photos to advertise their services. Therefore, ask for recent pictures of the cabin to determine the condition of the cabin and its surroundings.

Services provided

Some deluxe holiday cabins have staff to prepare food for guests, while others ask guests to make their food. If you will be travelling with your kids, you may require hot baths on-site. Cabins located close to tourist sites may offer game drives and bird watching trips. Housekeeping services may or may not be available.

Consider eco-lodges

Eco-lodges are facilities that promote environmentally cautious tourism. These cabins use renewable sources of energy and water resources sustainably. For example, your bedding may be cleaned twice a week instead of daily. Such facilities are likely to have long-term partnerships with local communities aimed at improving the living standards of locals. 

Booking and pricing

Holiday cabins tend to be expensive during peak seasons. Therefore, it is best that you book your cabin in advance. Check the facility's cancellation policy before booking. Most holiday cabins will take a small percentage of your deposit if you cancel your reservation a few days before your arrival. If you plan to spend several weeks at the cabin, ask for a discount. 

As you leave for the cabin, do not forget to carry camping essentials such as a first aid box, painkillers, a flashlight, pocket knife and a compass.  

When looking for a deluxe holiday cabin, evaluate its location, online reviews, photos, available services and pricing. Also, consider spending the holiday at an eco-friendly facility.